Sunday, February 24, 2013

Once Upon a Time...Up a Beanstalk

Once Upon a Time Season 2 Episode 13: "Tiny"

Summary: Rumpel, Emma, and Henry go on a family vacation  embark on a journey to seek out Baelfire.  The shawl does the trick as expected, and save for a minor scare at the airport security checkpoint where Rumpel had to momentarily remove the shawl, all was well.  We learned there is no magic in this realm outside of Storybrooke, and Rumpel may be going through some magic withdrawal.

Back in town, David and Snow force Hook to show them his ship, where they find a shrunken giant in a cage.  Hook says he is part of Snow's plan, and viewers will recognize him as the giant from earlier this season.  The heroes decide to free him, but he becomes enraged at the sight of David and goes on a rampage through the town.

David eventually realizes that the giant probably mistook him for his twin brother, James.  Regina, meanwhile, gives the giant a mushroom from Wonderland that returns him to his original size.  When David confronts him, he sinks into the pavement, under which there appears to be a tunnel.  The spell wears off, he is left clinging to a pole for dear life, and David and crew save him.  He then decides to plant his magic bean in the land near Storybrooke and the dwarfs offer their help.

In the fairybacks, we learn more of the giant's story.  Anton is the smallest of his kind and oft bullied because of it.  He also has a fascination with humans equal to that of Ariel, so one day he decides to become part of our world by descending the beanstalk and snooping in a pub window.  James and Jack (Jacqueline) pretend to befriend him, tell him a sob story about the country's debt so he'll give them the giant's treasure, then follow him up the beanstalk to steal the beans.  The whole ordeal ends with all of the giants (save Anton) and Jack dead and the beanstalks razed.  One can definitely understand why Anton no longer trusts people!

This episode was a bit of a nice change-of-pace with so much of it focusing on side characters that weren't expected to play that big of a role.  It was also a game-changer since Anton's bean farm may just be able to transport the gang back to the homeworld.  There should be some interesting drama surrounding the return once it becomes possible, especially between David (who wants to return) and Snow (who wants to stay here).  A prediction I (and a number of other fans) made will likely prove to be true next episode, given where Rumpel's flight was headed, so I'm looking forward to it.

With everything shaping up, though, I really wonder what the writers could have planned, save for the inevitable conflict with Cora and the possible drama I mentioned in the last paragraph.  Maybe we'll see more adventures of Mulan and Aurora back in the fairy tale realm?

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